Sunday, September 27, 2015

Knit Finds for September: Yarn Bowls

Si I haven't posted anything in like....well....a year or something.  Oops

Life kinda took a few turns.

My dad died, my husband had to leave state for work for a while so he was gone a lot, I had a new baby, I moved, I got a job....

And here I am.  Finally settled.  

I've grieved the passing of my father, I have relinquished the luxury of staying home with my kids, and I am now a woman of family and career. 

But I still have to do something to stay sane!!  So knotting hasn't gone away.  

Just about time I start blogging about it again,  

So while I finish up my more recent project I'll share some of my latest and greatest knit finds from this month!!  

This month:  The yarn bowl

First of yarn bowls from Red Hot Pottery broke in the move.  

Alas.....I miss that beautiful yarn bowl...

So While I have been trudging by without knitting bowls just fine...I still like having them on the floor next to the couch...keeping my yarn nice and tidy.  It's little luxuries.  So I went perusing on Etsy (because that's where you find all the good stuff) and found this!!

Maid of Clay

I bought this one today,  Don't tell the hubs.  

Here's some more delightful yarn bowls....That may or may not end up in my home at some point....

Island Girl Pottery

Love love love

Blue Room Pottery

Blue Room Pottery.  Also makes some beautiful vases etc.

Dandelion Pottery

You also have to check out the berry bowls and mugs!


Has some of the CUTEST little sculptures and figurines too.  Really want these bat magnets

Lenny Mud

I thoroughly enjoy this etsy shop.  It's epic.  You just have to look.  It's some of the more unique pieces of pottery I've ever seen.  The store is named after his cat.  


MM Ceramic Design

Earth Wool Fire

And lastly....if your're in the market for a luxury yarn bowl..  WOW.

These guys at Earth Wool Fire are true ceramic artists.  I'm saving up for this one myself...


Well that's all I have for this month for knit finds. 

Next month:  Geeky knits.  Because we geeks love to knit